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I’ve started a new blog that is dedicated to my Adventures in Weight Loss.  The reason I started a new blog, rather than simply updating this blog, is fairly simple.  Not everybody wants to read every detail about every work out and every meal.  But I need to write about it.  Because let’s face it, my efforts in weight loss over the past 2 years have resulted in weight gain.  So I’ll keep track of everything, so I can’t ignore that chocolate bar I ate at lunch, or that ice cream I ate with Christopher, sitting in front of the TV at 11:30 at night.  If I document everything, right there for the world to see, I cannot pretend I didn’t eat an entire tub of popcorn at the movie theatre.     

Clearly, I did not actually put forth any real effort.  However, it has been a constant battle in my mind, how bad I want to get healthy and look and – more importantly – feel better.  But I have been letting myself use the excuse of “my boyfriend is in great shape and he eats worse than me!” for the past 2 years, and that just doesn’t fly anymore.  His 6% body fat is drastically lower than my own, so yes, he can afford to eat that piece of cake.  And I cannot put the pressure on him any longer to eat like me just because I have no self-control. 

Truthfully, I do have self-control, I’ve just chosen not to put it to use.  Well, here’s to the start of something brand new.  Here’s to the start of making my own choices, rather than relying on Christopher to make them for me.  And here’s to being healthy and fit. 

And to not getting out of breath after walking up one flight of stairs.

And here’s to the new me!  🙂