Recently, a new student’s father asked me if I have a website he could view to learn more about me.  I told him I started one, but it is not ready to view at this time.  This is the truth, although I failed to mention that I started over two years ago and haven’t done anything with it since.  It’s been so long since I’ve even looked at it, I don’t remember the web address, or even the host site I used!

I decided that as I continue to grow my studio, I should probably get my website up and running.  It will, at the very least, make me more interesting.  Hopefully.  So I decided to google myself to see what I could find.  I tried all sorts of combinations of “Christina Wagner,” “cellist,” “teacher,” “weddings,” etc, but to no avail.  My final search, however, turned up something much more exciting.  I googled, “Christina Wagner” and “cello.”  Plain and simple.  The first thing that popped up?  A link that I initially overlooked.

Then, as I typed in another search combination, my eyes glanced down again and I saw another familiar name.  Brett Lucas is a musician I met while working at the YMCA, and I remembered that I had recorded for an artist he was working with at the time.  I clicked the link, and sure enough, it is a .pdf of the insert for her CD.  I immediately searched iTunes Angela Predhomme on my iPhone, found the album, and downloaded the two songs I recorded on.  I played on the songs “Deeply” and “The Silence of Winter.”  I listened to the two songs on repeat on my way home from work, in awe.  This is me, I thought, bewildered.  I just bought me on iTunes. 

I played the songs for my boyfriend, and later for my mother, and then my cousin.  My cousin’s response was probably the most amusing:  “I don’t know whether to be excited that you’re on iTunes, or mad because you could have been on iTunes 10 years ago!”

She has a point.  It’s something both Christopher and my mother tell me about frequently.  If I would just practice occasionally, just pick up my cello two or three times a week, I would be able to do so much more with my talent.  Now, of course, I have thoughts of LA, playing in orchestras for movie scores.  It’s something I could probably do, if I were able to make the right connections.

Amusingly, today I got an email from my dad.  They are looking for extras for the movie Sparkle.  The extras need to be between the ages of 21 and 55, and they need to play certain instruments.  They are looking for musicians for the band in the Finale, apparently.  I believe this is the scene they are shooting on Tuesday and Wednesday, at the building where I work.  So if they choose me, I’ll show up for work on Tuesday, then go downstairs to be an extra in a movie, then come back up to work on my “real” work when I get a chance during production.

Seriously, how cool would that be?  Of course, they are only looking for people to look like they’re playing, since the actual music will probably be recorded by an orchestra in LA.  But I could be in a movie, with my cello in hand. 

So today you can buy me on iTunes.  Maybe one day, you’ll be able to buy me in stores around the world 🙂