I have decided to blog about my efforts in weight loss.

I know, original, right? 

But give me a break.  I need to find something to write about to open the floodgates of my creativity, and I need to lose weight, so why don’t I combine two of my many projects into one?  My weight will not be the only thing I blog about, but I would like to try to keep track of my eating and exercising habits where other people can see them – although I’m not sure who is actually reading my blog besides myself!

My friend Sarah had asked me to do the Adkins diet with her.  I thought about it, but I’m not sure it’s right for me.  My body does need to cleanse, however.  I have been eating so much garbage lately that I know my liver is working overtime, which I just read today is probably one of the causes of my constant fatigue.  So I am going to do a two-day juice fast and then a week or so of eating only certain whole foods.  After that week I will continue on with my healthy lifestyle.  Once I reach my healthy body weight, I will still continue making healthy choices.  Because what good is it to be thin if you’re still unhealthy? 

Christopher said he would like to join me.  Thin and fit though he may be, he has been eating the same unhealthy foods as I have been for the last two years, so he needs to give his body a break, too.

The most important factor, however, in this entire endeavor, is to just love me.  I am beautiful, I am sexy, I am gorgeous, and in order to break out of this shell I need to acknowledge this fact. 

I had a minor epiphany today about the way I look.  My boyfriend has been telling me for ages that I’m beautiful and sexy, and there have been other good-looking and attractive men flirting with me.  And although I do think I have a nice shape and a pretty face, I focus so hard on what I don’t like that I often forget what’s good.  But today as I walked into the coffee shop I frequent across the street from my work, I noticed a large group of construction workers sitting at the table outside.  Nearly every single one of them was looking at me.  On my way out, heads turned.  One of them told me to enjoy my lunch.  Nothing special, no one asked me out or whistled.  But I commanded their attention for a brief moment in time, and it wasn’t because I had something on my face or toilet paper stuck to my shoe.  It was because they noticed me. 

No, I’m not saying that those construction workers are the reason I feel good about myself today.  In fact, that is not the first time this sort of thing has happened.  All I’m saying is that as I walked away from those men, hips swaying, shoulders back and chest out, I knew I was beautiful.

So good morning, me.  It’s nice to see you again.  My body is my temple, too, so welcome home.